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15 responses to “contact

  1. Just wondering if you were ever an illustrator or painter ?

  2. PLM

    Interesting information re sticky rice and lotus seed. Please note that May May is closing at the end of September 2007 so you all should get there before it’s too late to try out their wonderful food. There was an article in the 9/2/07 edition of the NY Times entitled “For Chinatown Bakery Treasured by Generations, a Decision to Walk Away.”

  3. hey there. . .i found your blog hunting for pierre hermé’s macarons. your photos are fantastic and i really enjoyed reading your posts. come back!

  4. gino

    Miss your posts, you are so real.

    come back

  5. Jason

    Food photos are fab. LOVE the macarons!!!

  6. Robert Bourque

    Hi, I recently saw your posting on Chinese Tea Eggs and was fascinated. I am ready to try them out, but can’t find the posting on your site any longer. Is there any way I can see that again? I have seen lots of other recipes but they all seem fake compared to yours. I think I got most of the main ingredients, but thought you had a specific recommendation on the type of tea used and other optional ingredients.

    Thank you and I agree that you are gorgeous! Robert

  7. browntownbbq – a nikon d40 with the kit lens. thanks!

  8. BrowntownBBQ

    What kind of camera and lens were you using during the big apple block party. Amazing pics. About the sharpest I have seen. I wish I could shoot that well!

  9. marina – thanks and maybe i’ll see you there!

    mrh – thanks for the support!

  10. MRH

    It is so refreshing to read a blog that has no gossipy chitchat about this business whatsoever. I just wish the rest of the food bloggers could write about food the way you do and have the same amount of passion. Keep up the nice writing. Wish for many hits.

  11. Marina

    I really love your site. I like the way you write and what you write about. My parents would tell me about their mushroom hunts in Russia and I was always dreamed of doing it someday. Because of you I am going to do a mushroom walk with the NY Mycological Society. I’m so excited and I have you to thank!! Keep writing & sharing!

  12. gabe – thanks for the morel drawing!

  13. … a great drawing of morel mushrooms.

  14. KJ

    Love the site. Plus, you are very, very gorgeous!

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